Open Letter to All Christians

If the White Aryan race is to survive much longer then a momentous decision must be made NOW. If we continue to compromise with the religious and secular institutions which deny Nature’s laws, and which have led us to the brink of extinction, then we are doomed. Fortunately for us an unbroken lineage of adepts in the ancient “mysteries” has given us a tool, which provides one last chance for the survival of our race. That tool is a math code within the King James Bible (KJB), within the geometry of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and within the so-called Great Seal of the United States of America. There is an absolute, based on the mathematical laws of probability. For example, if someone won a ninety million dollar lottery a dozen times in a row, we would know with absolute certainty that it was a fraud rather than chance. A few years ago a book was published about an alleged bible code, and given coverage in the system media. The book was deception, using computers, an ancient language, manipulation and perversion of the laws of probability. The math code within the KJB is simple, uncomplicated and undeniable. It uses code wheels, anagrams, numerical values for the letters of the alphabet, (A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4 etc.) and number pyramids. Number pyramids are also simple and uncomplicated. To build a number pyramid simply add adjacent digits until getting a single digit, then place the single digit above and between. For example, 23. 2+3=5 so place 5 above.

2 3

If necessary add more than once. For example, 74. 7+4=11, then 1+1=2, so

7 4

To build a number pyramid from a word simply let A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4 etc. Then place the appropriate number above each letter.

Shown below is the number pyramid of the name JESUS CHRIST as designed after the formation of the English alphabet with its 26 letters in a prescribed order. Also shown is the pyramid of Jesus and the value of the name.

Note 7 digits and 4 letters left of 1938
Note 7 digits and 4 letters right of 1938
Note 7 levels to 4 digits of 1938
This forms a relationship between 1938 and 74.

The sun and 74 is the first function of an ancient mathematical device called the “Magic Square of the Sun.”

Do you begin to see why the masses have been taught to worship on Sunday. Or why the mythical Jesus is said to be born at the winter solstice of the Sun. Or why Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring equinox of the Sun, which rises in the East, Easter.

In the pyramid of Jesus the relationship of 1938 to 74 is again demonstrated. Go to the 7th chapter of the 4th book of the KJB, 74 appropriately titled NUMBERS. It has precisely 1938 words. Go to the 19th chapter of the KJB, (Genesis 19) and see that it has 38 verses, representing 1938. Count the 66 books of the bible as a reverse code wheel, over and over, from Revelation to Genesis, till you get to 1938. It will be the Gospel of John. Now to go John 19 verse 38, representing 1938. It concerns the burial of Jesus, actually the burial of the anti-nature and anti-White genocidal Jesus religion. In John 1938 Jesus is buried by a man named AriMATHaea. The word is a play on the word Arithmatic. In the next verse AriMATHaea is helped in the burial by a man named NiCODEmus, a MATH CODE. “Just coincidence,” cry the followers of insanity called Christianity, better called Christ-insanity. Well, go to the story of Methuselah in Genesis chapter five. Methuselah, made to be oldest man that ever lived, lives 187 years and has a son. Then he lives another 782 years for a total of 969 years. Since 969 is exactly one half of 1938 then the three ages add to 1938. The ages are thus divided because 969 divided into 187,782 and rounded to the nearest tenth is 193.8.

Now go to another recitation of the so-called Patriarchs in Luke the 3rd chapter. Methuselah is word 969 in the chapter and his name is changed to MATH USA LA. The last half of Methuselah is SELAH which appears 74 times in the KJB as another tie between 1938 and 74. The famous angle of the Great pyramid in Egypt is 38 degrees plus a fraction from vertical and 51 degrees plus a fraction from horizontal. Because 38 and 51 are the center factors of 1938 and 38 x 51 = 1938.

Now turn to the building of Solomon’s Temple in I Kings 6 and 7 with 38 versus and 51 versus respectively, because the Great Pyramid is the real Temple. Solomon is as big a mythological formula as Jesus or Methuselah or any other of the biblical names. The exact angle of the Great Pyramid is 51 degrees and 51 minutes from horizontal because 5151 makes this number pyramid.

Again, 74 is the first function of the 666 magic square of the SUN. See “The Mystery Religions and the Seven Seals” for further information on the Sun Square. 74 x 9 = 666

July 4th is 7 – 4 or 74, the alleged (falsely) signing of America’s Declaration of Independence. 74 times 24 equals 1776 the birth of America, the Beast of Revelation 13 verse 18, the Mother of Harlots and the Whore of Babylon. Not a man, but a political beast. Just as Christianity is the first head of the beast. Again, 666 + 666 + 444 = 1776, the birth of the beast, a Cabalistic timetable.

Now you know why Christianity and America are the two worst enemies the white race ever faced. There are two opposing philosophies that have been at war with each other for thousands of years in what we now call the western World. One is “Universalism” which desires to destroy the integrity of all races, nations and cultures, mixing them into one melting pot ruled by a few indescribably wealthy usurious individuals. The very word Catholic is Greek, meaning Universal, and the Roman Catholic religion was formed under the Emperor Constantine to unite the many races, religions, cultures and nations of the decadent Roman Empire. The protestant religions are merely stepchildren of this cruel and despotic Roman Empire in both its earlier secular, and later religious form.

The New Testament religion was in fact a composite of many earlier religions, as formed because humans do not easily give up religious traditions indoctrinated from their childhood. The major deity of the Roman Legionnaires was Mithra, said to be born to a virgin on the 25th of December, so that was included in the new religion. The birth of the Persian God Zoroaster was said to be attained by three wise men from the East so that was included in the new religion. Woden, also spelled Odin or Wotan, hung on a tree and was pierced with a spear, so that was included in the new religion. Just a few of innumerable examples. Of course insiders, adepts, and persons of perception have always known that religious myths are only taken literally by the gullible, the simple minded, and the thoroughly indoctrinated. Religions and their myths can preserve, or destroy a people, depending on the structure given by its creators, the motives of its agents and the vagaries of historical circumstances. But in the end, any religious or secular institution must be judged by its effect. Under Christian influence the White race now faces imminent extinction, having given our food, medicine, technology and wealth to alien races in a competitive world. And now surrendering our territory and women.

Which brings me to the opposing philosophy, which for lack of a better term I’ll call separatism. Nature declares an instinct called “territorial,” for the preservation of each race and specie. Exclusive territory, meaning nations, is especially necessary for the survival of our White Aryan race since our women are the desire of the males of all races. Racial integration is ALWAYS the death of our race, primarily by miscegenation as in Carthage, Persia, and elsewhere throughout history. The over-riding, all encompassing message that we must reach our folk with in this desperate age is this, “Nature and Nature’s laws are the work of that intelligence and force that our folk have symbolized by many names in many religions for many many centuries.” That means Nature’s laws are “Gods” laws, and the first and highest law of nature is the preservation of one’s own kind. That means the Fourteen Words, “WE MUST SECURE THE EXISTENCE OF OUR PEOPLE AND A FUTURE FOR WHITE CHILDREN” are a divine command.

Nature’s laws are a “bible” or holy book, written by the Creator. All others are written in the languages of men, by men. Those words which properly interpret the laws of nature and nature’s God are divine. Those which deny the laws of nature and nature’s God are in religious terminology, “The road to hell,” or in this realm, the road to extinction. All of this necessarily leads to a discussion of the “Words” of the bible, especially the KJB, which is the most common and influential book in the English-speaking world. I put “Words” in quotes because the mathematical coding of the KJB, inserted by Sir Francis Bacon and other adepts is a separate method to discern what is truth and what is deception in the book. Another method is just plain old common sense and reason.

The cow didn’t jump over the moon, virgins didn’t have babies, and the creative force of the universe didn’t turn itself into a mortal man, in order to have itself tortured and killed by mortal men, in order to keep itself from eternally torturing moral men. “Those whom the Gods would destroy they first drive mad,” said a philosopher long ago. That last principal being the foundation of Christ-insanity.

Now in defense to that portion of the White resistance to genocide calling itself Identity Christianity let me say two things. First, I know that many of you have your heart in the right place. However, compromise with the NEW Testament religion is impossible at this time. Yes, America’s founding fathers were forced to pay lip service to Christ-insanity, but their private correspondence shows they were Freemasons who despised the alien religion. Yes Adolf Hitler was forced to compromise and pay lip service to the alien anti-nature religion, but his private correspondence showed he despised Christ-insanity and was partial to our indigenous religion of Wodenism. Since Germany was 99% either Catholic or it’s whoring daughter Lutheran, he and the other leaders of the 3rd Reich had no choice. But because they compromised, once Germany was defeated, most Germans reverted back to Christian racial suicide.

Second regarding Identity. The OLD testament is an entirely different story. The original writings were definitely NOT Jewish. And in fact probably were created by Aryan adepts in the ancient “Mysteries.” For example, the Old Testament condemns usury while modern Jewry became the predominate world power by practicing usury. The Old Testament traces citizenship in Israel through the father while modern Jewry traces citizenship through the mother. The Old Testament condemns male homosexual behavior while modern Jewish leaders promote it. The Old Testament teaches separatism while modern Jewry teaches Universalism.

However, ancient Israel is NOT history. It is religious myth and symbolism, which is used to both preserve and conceal philosophy and prophecy. The Identity Christian leaders should have restricted their title to just one word, i.e. Identity. And admit to the absolute and undeniable fact that in both it’s creation and effect the New Testament religion is suicidal racial poison. A few carefully chosen verses not withstanding.

Furthermore, the adepts, representing high powers have other planes encoded in the KJB. For example, Revelation 3 verse 12 and 2 verse 17 say “god will take a new name, written in a man, a city, and in A WHITE STONE. A WHITE STONE is an anagram. Rearrange the letters and it spells THEE IS WOTAN.

When the adepts in our indigenous religions were tortured, persecuted and killed by the Christians, some of them infiltrated the alien religion. As monks and scholars it is they who constructed the coding system of the bible, designed as a literary time bomb to destroy the genocidal religion from Rome. The KJB is their crowning achievement. The 74 words of Revelation 2 verse 9 and 3 verse 9 tell who THEE is. Also they make it clear that our war is against an anti-nature philosophy, not against brain washed or indoctrinated individuals. Judaism, Christianity and America are indeed the three worst enemies our race has ever faced. But Jews hate us because of indoctrination such as the holy-hoax of six million gassed in World War 2 and similar false propaganda from their Zionist masters. They really need to remember that the propaganda of the victors ALWAYS becomes the history of the losers.

Christians deny Nature's laws and suppress their natural instincts for racial survival because an anti-nature religion has driven them literally insane. The drivel attributed to the mythical St. Paul says it’s best not to touch a woman. Revelation says only 144,000 virgin men will be favored on judgment day. Jesus says, “Hate your own family and love your enemies.” Our indigenous religions, especially Wodenism are denigrated as fertility cults. But that is exactly what nature demands.

Woden says “love your family and smash your enemies with the hammer of Thor.” The Old Testament King David, and Thor each kill a giant with a magic or unorthodox weapon. Identity and Woden have no quarrel. But New Testament Christ-insanity is not compatible with racial survival. This does not mean every Christian or every Jew is a conscious member of a conspiracy to overrun and exterminate our White Aryan race. But unfortunately if they continue to follow the propaganda and deception of the world’s Universalist leaders, many of who call themselves Jews or Christians, then de facto, of necessity they are our mortal enemies.

Which brings us to America. Again, not every White skinned American is a conscious agent of the plan to mix, over-run, integrate, miscegenate, reduce by war, and exterminate the White race. But again, de facto, of necessity, the vast majority are our mortal enemies. In the wars, revolutions and assassinations that America participated in, from Dixie to Cuba, to Mexico, to Panama to Germany twice, to Italy, to Korea, to Vietnam, to Libya, to Serbia, to Iraq twice, to Iran, to Waco, to Ruby Ridge, to Afghanistan and on and on, the dead and maimed number perhaps 200 million, half of them White folk. Determined to destroy the integrity of all races, nations and cultures for their Novus Ordo Seclorum, a Universalist New World Order, the Red, White and Blue traveling mass murder machines has been an engine of holocaust, genocide and murder unmatched in human history.

Whether the White race can survive much longer in America is problematic at best, and doubtful if considered realistically. Maybe our best bet is for our few racially aware White folk to migrate back to Eastern Europe and try to warn our folk there? But one thing is certain. We can no longer compromise with the executioner’s institutions. A revelation in fact must be preceded by a revolution in thought. Out voting a majority in the deceptive horror called a democracy is impossible and those who advocate participation in such a system, especially under current circumstances are either deluded idiots or deliberate deceivers. Even at it’s best democracy is two lions and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner.

So to all you Christians and Americans with White skin I say, abandon the anti-nature deceptions of the Universalist materialists and pleasure seekers, or face the consequences of the passing of Western Civilization’s creators. Naturally there are those who will attack my words in this treatise for various reasons. Some because they are committed Univerisalist racial enemies. Some because as Christians or Jews they are indoctrinated to literally believe the myths of their religion. Some because they benefit from the current political or religious systems in financial or material ways. Some because they are cowards who are afraid to face unpleasant truths. Some because their minds are poisoned with geographical nationalistic propaganda which is a perversion of the territorial instinct. This perversion of the territorial instinct is why White men will spend money supporting an athletic team composed of non-white players, each with a harem of the last pretty white young women. This too is conditioned insanity leading to racial suicide.

The masses of Christians, Jews and Americans are little more then pawns and cannon fodder in a game played by wealth and power beyond conception. Sadly all three will probably be deadly and mortal enemies to the bitter end of the struggle to preserve our kind. Equally sad is the spectacle of the “escapists” who plague our miniscule resistance to genocide with defenses of the institutions, which have presided over our demise. As well as the “intellectualists” with their scholarly works on alleged history. As the 6th precept says, “History, both secular and religious is a fable, conceived in self serving deceit and promulgated by those who perceive benefits.”

Current circumstances are all that matter. We are denied White nations, White Schools, White neighborhoods and everything necessary for racial survival. And inter-racial mating, especially for the last young White women is promoted with ever increasing passion. As less then two percent of earth’s population is young White female. I did not sacrifice my freedom and spend the last 20 years in prison for technological gadgets, artificial religions or materialistic decadent societies. I fight to this day for my personal Fourteen Words, which are, “BECAUSE THE BEAUTY OF THE WHITE ARYAN WOMAN MUST NOT PERISH FROM THE EARTH.”

Sexual lust is the mother of battle lust and battle lust is the mother of nations. That is why our indigenous religions were fertility based. Will the castrated, fat, lazy, programmed pile of walking camel dung which is the modern White man put down his six pack of beer and his television channel changer, in order to obey nature’s highest law? Television where he worships negro ball players, as the pretty White cheerleaders in their short skirts get wet panties over those who never invented a wheel or a written language. The subliminal message is clear and constant!

Will Bob Mathews and the members of The Order ever be honored for their sacrifices? Will beautiful White women love us? No, but they will get wet panties over freaks like Michael Jackson.

Does the White Aryan race deserve to survive? Nature’s laws, harsh and unyielding will decide. Fight or die, kill or be killed, reproduce or perish. That is the decree of nature’s God.

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy