Misplaced Compassion

"Compassion" is a word fraught with as many dangers as the irrational concepts of "equality" and "democracy." When we speak of compassion, then related concepts and emotions such as love, tolerance, forgiveness, chivalry, universalism and humility come into mind, as well as their opposites like hate, revenge, etc.

If our race is to survive on planet earth, then a paradigm shift, a complete fundamental change in our outlook, must come about. Many centuries of mind rot must be ruthlessly purged from the collective minds and psyche of our folk.

One of the reasons for the never-ending quarrels and back-stabbing among the various leaders and groups, which are ostensibly devoted to either the survival of our kind as elucidated in the 14 Words, or to building a rational, nature-based religion, is simply a matter of strategy.

There is much to be learned from revolutionaries from the past. Adolf Hitler pointed out quite correctly the difference between a movement and a political party. A movement does not compromise its ultimate goal, although, of course, alliances and strategies may change as necessary to achieve that goal. In that sense we are a movement, since we will never compromise that singular goal of racial survival. Politicians, however, always compromise.

Mao Tse Tung pointed out, equally correctly, that no revolution happens before its time. Many factors: economic, cultural, religious, etc. must coalesce at a point in time before the explosion will happen and its changes take root.

The masses are always paralyzed by inertia. They resist change except in small doses which do not violently upset their current dogma and their comfort level. And that is why there must be many levels to the resistance. The masses must be fed milk before they are ready to digest meat, i.e., the brutal and unpleasant truth.

Recognizing this concept is the reason I do not attack other leaders unless they are openly and unarguably guilty of race treason. A movement, however, must, I repeat, must have a focal point, an end of the spectrum, a non-compromising voice that pulls toward the ultimate goal.

Before understanding "compassion" we must consider "truth." Since every religion and religious leader claims to know the "truth," and supports his claim with "belief," "faith," and alleged "holy books," what makes Wotansvolk different? Quite simply, Wotansvolk consider that Nature and Nature's immutable laws are the work of the Absolute, therefore, Nature's laws are God's laws. They are a "bible" that is written by the Creator-Absolute and not by men. Nature's laws cannot be mistranslated, invented, twisted or changed. And any race or species that wishes to survive is subject to those natural laws. That is the essence and truth of ancient Aryan religion and of Wotanism, both then and now.

For those new to Wotanism it is useful to point out that, while the super-natural and impossible mythologies of Aryan religions had multiple and valuable purposes, they were never meant to be taken literally by mature adults. If proponents of other White, racial religions would recognize this fact and incorporate it into their teachings, they would havegreater success in recruiting practical and educated folk to the cause. An Aryan religion must not conflict with the physical laws of the universe, nor with logic, reason and common sense. Just as a picture is said to be worth a thousand words, so a God, a Goddess or religious mythology creates mental pictures and effects more powerful than whole libraries. The question that must be addressed is whether a religion teaches its symbolism and words that Nature's laws are ruthless, unforgiving and inescapable. Or does the religion teach "compassion" that exists nowhere outside of one's own family, tribe and race?

Our survival as a race depends on a truthful answer and on understanding compassion.

The wolf pack is often useful to make a point about natural law, for wolves are not only mammals like us, but they band together for hunting, survival and their common good. Fortunately for wolves, but unlike us, they do not have the intellect which allows them to override the self-preserving instincts given them by Nature. In a wolf pack there is an alpha male, the top dog, the leader; he attains that position by combat with any challenger.

The point to note here, however, is that such a duel is not to the death. If the challenger perceives that he cannot win, he rolls on his back and makes signs of capitulation and subservience. The winner then accepts the surrender and does not kill the loser. We could probably equate this with the concept of chivalry among Aryans. But here is where we have departed from natural law. We have extended chivalry, a form of compassion, beyond our own family and race. The wolf will kill or drive away all competition, including other canines, such as coyotes or foxes, without compassion or mercy. In a competitive world that is Nature's command. On the one hand, there are all the rest. The rest are either competitors or prey.

There are three root races of homo sapiens on this earth. Although arguable, the commonly accepted scientific terms are: Caucasoid (White Aryan), Negroid(Black) and Mongoloid (Yellow or Red), and of course, a myriad of mixtures. Negroids and Mongoloids and mixtures do not care one whit about the welfare or continued existence of Caucasoids, and properly so, for Nature declares each is concerned with his own. But under the influence of a universalist religion and imperialist capitalism, we, the White Aryans, have been totally indoctrinated with a misplaced compassion. So we have given food, technology, medicine, education, territory and even our women to the competitors who seek our extinction. It is absolute insanity in the eyes of Nature and Nature's God.

The word "love" is one of the most mis-used, over-used and misunderstood in any language. Love and compassion are often used together. Throughout the mammalian world, from wolves to Aryans, the truest and most consistent _expression of an emotion we might call love is that of a mother for her offspring. The capacity of a mother, and especially an Aryan female, to sacrifice for her children is usually almost boundless.

So. quite naturally, it is the inherent compassion in our women that the enemy has exploited the most. Since the emancipation of women in America by Constitutional Amendment in 1920, our race has gone straight over the abyss toward extinction.

All the TV or movies have to do is show some starving Negro child in Africa with flies crawling on its nose and our women rush to donate their last penny to some missionary in Somalia, or they pledge their last dollar to African relief. The following thoughts never occur to them.

First, it is a competitive world. Every cent given to other races is treason. Her love should be for Aryan children, first of all her own, and then her kinfolk's children. Secondly, when we violate Nature's laws, there is misery to pay. When we feed, they breed, and soon there will be ten times as many to starve. Nature balances populations and any artificial increase in food, technology or medicine for those who do not or cannot produce it themselves leads to misery. This is misplaced compassion of the worst suicidal kind.

The environment is a concern to more and more of the folk today, and rightly so. There are limits to the population the earth can support in a standard of living like, or close to, what we have become accustomed. There are roughly one-half billion Whites and five and one-half billion coloreds on the planet. Whether the earth can support even just the Whites without further ruining the topsoil, depleting the forests, exhausting the fossil fuels and producing nuclear wastelands is questionable. Fifty to one hundred million Aryans could probably have earth as a permanent paradise, but the industrialization of the third world by capitalists and their religious cohorts will quickly destroy the planet. To be blunt, it is us or them; it is good life, or misery, then extinction. Nature plays no favorites and allows no one to violate her ruthless laws without paying a heavy price.

All Nature declares support, love and compassion for the strong, wise and beautiful. Every rancher, farmer and horse-breeder knows that he must breed his cows and mares to the best bull or stud available; the inferior become steaks or glue. Now the race of Galileo and Tesla must decide if they will survive or be overrun and bred out of existence by a race that never invented a wheel or a written language. And the technological marvels and inventions of our race are not even the main issue.

There are examples of misplaced compassion which demonstrate how we have been led on the downward path. There is an entire floor at Children's Hospital where they keep the freaks born without brains or body parts.

Fundamentalists from an alien religion deny abortions to White women who have been raped by racial aliens due to misplaced compassion for the mongrel baby.

Extraordinary methods are used to keep alive even those who desire to die due to pain, paralysis, loss of control of functions, etc. The famous writer-journalist H.L. Mencken once said, "Americans are stupid." Perhaps, but I believe it would be more accurate to say that the entire Aryan race has been driven to insanity. Dogma reigns supreme over reason, common sense and natural law.

The change in our whole outlook on life, in our most fundamental philosophy must be complete, no matter how traumatic. There is a good example of just how completely our minds have been programmed toward misplaced compassion. In 1992 in South Carolina a gang of seven Negroes kidnapped a young White woman named Melissa McLaughlin. They raped and tortured her for several hours, then skinned her alive in a tub of bleach before finally killing her. Did her parents, deep in the Bible Belt, call for justice? Hardly! In a true Christian fashion, spirit of forgiveness, tolerance, love and compassion, their apparent biggest concern was for the feelings and souls of the murderers and their families.

Let it be understood, evil unpunished and unavenged will continue without end. Justice delayed is no justice at all, and justice delayed until a speculated afterlife is the tool of tyrants. Terror is only defeated by greater terror. Does anyone think a Viking of 1,000 years ago would have prayed for the killers of his daughter? Or a Teutonic Wotanist of 1,500 years ago? We are a castrated, emasculated, brain polluted race of men, who act like women, and a race of women who want to be men. Sex and war, lust and revenge, victory or death, those are Nature's decrees. The divine law is war, with women to the winners and extinction for the losers. "The Art of War" by Sun Tsu, an Oriental, enunciated the nature of life and war as well as any other has done. Courage without wisdom, cunning and ruthlessness is futile. Only the Victor is in a position to show compassion, and he is never the victor if his compassion is misguided.

We must have the integrity and courage to cast off all dogma, whether it involves misplaced compassion, alien religion or suicidal political systems. Nature's law tells all.

"Life is harsh. It leaves only one choice, that between victory and defeat, not between war and peace." Oswald Spengler

David Lane

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity . All rights reserved David Lane / Pyramid Prophecy