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Over the years I have written many dozens of articles for various publications both in the United States and around the world. In them I have attempted to guide our Folk into constructive paths of resistance to the genocide practiced against the White race in all its former territories. I have demanded that our people face and deal with unvarnished reality and have shown just how desperate that reality is. In the process it was necessary to demolish unnatural, destructive, yet revered icons of both religious and political varieties. This has quite naturally earned me the enmity of those groups captured in the zombie state of "belief" as well as those with vested interests in the existing power systems.

A revolutionary movement (and indeed that is what we must have if we are to secure the existence of our People and a future for White children at this late date) is a complex subject. The leaders of such a movement must have a comprehensive overview of social structures and how these structures relate to, guide, serve or destroy a population subjected to them. Just as important a revolutionary leader must understand human nature and what makes a person either loyal to or an enemy of a social contract, either religious or secular.

Human nature being what it is, a revolutionary movement, particularly in its early stages, must be many layered. The inspiration and life of the movement comes from individuals who almost inevitably are either assassinated or imprisoned. These are those who speak uncompromising truth and back their words with actions.

Within other layers of the movement are those who deal with facets or symptoms of the societal structure to be either destroyed or created. These often unknown soldiers should not be denigrated, for they deal with the reality of human nature. For example, the man who has cleansed himself of all dogma is totally frustrated and angry when attempting to debate with a World War 2 veteran who considers himself a hero for participating in that fratricidal war. Those of us with free minds know that the White men of America and England were used in that war by Jewry for the express purpose of destroying the racial basis of our ancient European homeland. But, as is human nature, the veteran would far rather present himself as a hero to his friends, family and to himself than acknowledge that his actions were genocide against his own gene pool. Furthermore, America has a vast population of veterans who receive financial remuneration for participation in America's wars and occupations from Italy to Germany, to Korea, to Vietnam, to Iraq, to Grenada, to Panama, from the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli, and on, and on and on. For all but the most determinedly self-searching and honest, it is preferable to pretend hero status and enjoy financial benefit than be a truth teller with subsequent rejection and suffering. This is a reality which a true and competent revolutionary understands and deals with. In the religious realm we find similar problems. The Judeo-Christian preacher who spent a lifetime teaching "Black or Yellow, Red or White, all are precious in his sight," and who lives off the tithes of his congregation does not want to hear that the White race cannot share Gods, religion, technology, food, women, territory or anything of value with another race. It denies every law of nature in a competitive world and it destroys the senses of uniqueness and value necessary to the survival of our race. So he counter-attacks and denies logic, common sense and natural law with ever louder choruses of "have faith" and "believe," which are the staples of tyrannical priestcraft and statecraft.

The so-called "Identity" movement is an attempt to deal with this facet of human nature and with those under the thrall of unsubstantiated "belief." This is another necessary layer or technique to deal with the realities we face. My role in the struggle, however it may have come about, is to speak absolute and naked truth. Comrades with vision and integrity realize that someone has to fill this role in order to focus on the ultimate goal. They have remained my friends, sometimes without advertising the fact. Others whom I have termed the "executioner worshipers" have slandered me in the same manner as my Zionist and Federal enemies, many for the reasons already elucidated. But wise men know that entrenched tyrannies infiltrate resistance movements and even build bogus groups in order to identify and destroy potentially capable opposition. What has been called the Right Wing appears to have been largely a combination of executioner worshipers and deceiving, enemy agents for many decades. This deception is what I am determined to expose and conquer.

Those who have read my articles in the past know that there are certain themes and phrases that I repeat almost endlessly. As stated in the 57th of the 88 Precepts, paraphrased here, an idea must be presented S.E.R.B., Simply, Emotionally, Repeatedly and Briefly. That is why I continually harp on certain vital themes. For example: Nature and nature's laws are the work of the Creator, no matter what one's understanding of "God" may be. Therefore, nature's laws are God's laws, and the highest law of Nature is the preservation of one's own kind. Another example: An enemy must be demonized. A people who pretend that the political and religious institutions which destroy them are "theirs," whether for emotional or financial reasons, are doomed. An executioner's institution which practices genocide against one's race must be identified, destroyed and replaced. A revolutionary movement must, also, have symbols, martyrs and slogans. To that end I have unceasingly promoted a motto I call "14 WORDS": We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. I want to make these 14 WORDS the most sacred, well-known and motivating complex of words in the history of earth. They are the only issue for any sane White person on this planet today. This book, as well as all I do or say, is dedicated to that singular and unwavering goal.

Copyright 1985 and Into Eternity