Mystery Religions and the Seven Seals "Chapter 1 - Coding"

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Students of ancient languages and bible scholars have always known that old alphabets such as Hebrew, Greek and others have numerical values assigned to each letter. Thus a word, a phrase or a larger text can be assigned a mathematical total by adding the value of all the letters involved. An example is shown next, as we learn why the Greek Gnostics called Jesus the Ogdoad, meaning "group of eight." Below is a chart showing the values of letters in Greek.

The following illustration is the Greek name for Jesus with the corresponding value for each letter and the total : 888

This is a perfect example of why I have taught that men who desire freedom must learn how to think. 'How' means always ask 'why.' Out of the millions of people who know that Hebrew and other alphabets have numerical values, almost none pursue the reason. Ask a Judeo-Christian preacher why and he will either plead ignorance or brush you off with the standard religious tactic of demanding blind faith in the myths. When the thoughtful person who knows how to think is confronted with repetitive or striking phenomena he immediately desires to investigate. Some thoughts which might cross his mind are that 888 is like 666, a multiple of 111. Further investigation would show that both 888 and 666 are evenly divisible by 74. At this point I will take a little shortcut, show you some phenomena and prove them later. Let A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, etc., because English language gematria is thus simplified. Here are Jesus and God in the English language as the names were designed by Sir Francis Bacon and other initiates.

10 5 19 21 19 = 74

G = 7

O = the Sun and Sun Square inside the Zodiac circle

D = 4

Next the perceptive person might look at the great seal of the United
States shown in this illustration.

Count carefully and you will find 72 stones in 13 rows in the face of the pyramid. The large stone carrying the Roman numerals for 1776 at the bottom makes 73, and the capstone of the pyramid with the "all seeing eye of Judah" makes 74. Lest you think it is all coincidence, please note the date chosen for the American revolution, July 4, seventh month, fourth day, again 74. And 1776 is 74 x 24, or 111 x 16, or if you like, 666 + 666 + 444 = 1776. America was formed by Jewish cabalists with a 222 year timetable to destroy the integrity of every race, nation and culture on earth and establish a Jew world order. The timetable has been largely completed, although pockets of
resistance are still extant. Please, also, note:

666 + 666 + 444 = 1776 + 222 = 1998 and
666 x 3 = 1998, their target date.

The numbers are picked from the fourth of the seven magic squares ( See illustration in chapter 2) called the Sun Square. In the next chapter we will explore and explain the seven mathematical devices now denigrated as the "First Seven Magic Squares," but which in the mystery religions (including the first Christianity) were called the mind of the Creator God. But, first let us return to the alphabets and their numerical values. The obvious and easy to explain first purpose of letters with numerical equivalents is to hide secrets. By the simple process of changing letters to numbers or numbers to letters both mathematical and written messages can be encoded. Sir Francis Bacon and the initiates who constructed the English language authorized King James Bible formed it as a device to encode the ancient wisdom. It may well be the most intricate such book in history. In addition the division of the bible into books, chapters, verses and words
form it into a physical representation of the seven squares called the "Seven Spirits of God," and these match the hidden codes in the text. An easy example is the division of the verses in the first seven chapters of the Song of Solomon which are divided thus and reduce to the equation 88² = 7744.

17 17 11 16 16 13 13
1 + 7 1+ 7 1 + 1 1 + 6 1 + 6 1 + 3 1 + 3

8 8 2 7 7 4 4

In the third chapter of the Mystery Religions we will show how holy names were created to conform to the magic squares, but first let us again return to the alphabets. This time we will explore some esoteric teachings of Gnosticism and the Mystery Religions. In the King James Bible in John 1 at verse 1 we read that "God is the Word." On the surface it seems a nonsensical statement. But now we will consider it through the eyes of a Hermetic philosopher. When a letter is vocalized as a sound, it is vibration. A complete word or combination of letters is then in scientific terms a vibrational complex. Through a modern science called cymatics we find that specific materials subjected to specific vibrations form into specific patterns. Place a drop of turpentine on a plate of glass. Subject it to vibration of sound and it will form into the same patterns found as building blocks in nature.

Obviously in more primitive times if you had told people that a creative intelligence used specific vibrations to form the building blocks of life and matter, they would have looked at you in total bewilderment, and the tyrants of the church would have burned you at the stake. So, for the uninitiated John 1:1 simply says, "God is the Word." The bible is in fact a huge Hermetic parable from end to end, and attempts to read it literally will only drive men insane or lead to division into hundreds or even thousands of competing sects, and ultimately religious warfare. Next we will dig into the meat of the secret teachings and ancient science. Let me begin by quoting some Hermetic philosophers, both ancient and modern. From John Mitchell, author of the New View Over Atlantis, "Traditional creation myths state that the Creator of the Universe first laid out patterns of number from which all else proceeded. Sacred geometry and number were used in the design of ancient temples in order to attract the creative powers unique to a pattern, and because the effect of ritual words, songs, bells, gongs and so on, when sounded within the confines of a building so constructed had irresistible effects on the human "mind."

From the book Nature God and Man by William Temple, Macmillan Press 1934, page 149, "We discover that the universe shows evidence of a designing or controlling power that has something in common with our individual minds." Plato and Pythagoras, both initiates, (at least one of whom was initiated inside the Great Pyramid), in response to questions about the source of all true knowledge repeatedly answered, "All is number." John Anthony West, author of The Serpent in the Sky, has stated, "In ancient civilizations a class of initiates had precise knowledge of harmonic laws. They knew how to manipulate them to create the precise effect they wanted. They wrote this knowledge into architecture, art, music, paintings and ritual. It is evidenced in Gothic cathedrals, vast Hindu temples, the marvels of Egypt, the seven wonders of the ancient world and other sacred works. They had a powerful effect on men because they knew exactly what they
were doing; it was control and power through complex sensory manipulation."

It takes no genius to conceive of the same knowledge being put to use by the unscrupulous. Dances, chants, buildings, music and all manner of sensory stimulation could be devised that would reduce targeted individuals or populations to helplessness. There are indications that this is when the first Jews came into being. Somewhere around BCE 400-500 in old Babylon a renegade and unprincipled group of initiates into the secrets of the ancients hatched up a conspiracy to rule the world using the Hermetic wisdom, usury and the basest instincts of man. The Jews, however, were not the originators of the mythologies of either the Old or New Testaments. They and the church have, however, added to, perhaps subtracted from, and even changed or perverted the original writings of both Testaments. The nonsense about circumcision is an example. Exhorting love of one's enemies and hatred of women and sex are New Testament insertions. We could debate endlessly whether the stories of Joseph and of Esther were inserted by Jews to brag of their blueprint for world conquest, or by Aryans in order to expose the Jewish conspiracy. When attempting to judge the bible writings without knowledge of Hermetic coding devices, one simply has to acknowledge that the content has been in the hands of Jews and Judeo-Romans for many centuries.

On the other hand for an initiate into the mysteries, all the old wisdom stands out as clearly as sunlight through the gematria, number codes and mythology. An example would be the one plus twelve scenario found in all the Mystery religions: Odin with twelve Drottars or chief priests, Jesus with twelve apostles, Solomon with twelve tribes of Israel. Clear back into the Hittite and Sumerian mythologies we find the same pantheons. In all cases they represent the Sun and twelve signs of the zodiac, as well as the Sun Square and the twelve divisibles of its total value.

A Hermetic philosopher will, also, immediately recognize Jonah's three days in the belly of a whale and Christ's three days in the tomb as coded discussion of the ritual terror that initiates are subjected to in order to conquer self ego and open the mind to higher enlightenment.

In Norse mythology Odin hangs nine days on a tree, while in Christian mythology Christ hangs on a wooden cross. Both speak of conquering the material plane and entering the spiritual plane. David, the most repeated name in the Old Testament and a figure of war is associated with the War God Mars and the Magic Square of Mars. David slays a giant with a magic weapon. Thor is his counterpart in Norse mythology, also associated with the War God Mars and he, also, slays a giant with a magic weapon.

Decoding and comparison of the myths is a fascinating occupation and we could fill many volumes, but this is not the place for endless detail. Lest the reader get the mistaken idea that the mystery schools were Semitic or Oriental rather than Aryan, let me conclude this chapter with a quotation from Clement of Alexandria, circa 150-215 CE. Clement was a theologian of the early Christian Church prior to the formation of Judeo-Christianity under Constantine. Clement wrote, "The Pythagoreans took their philosophy from the Gauls and other barbarians." Pythagoras, of course, lived more than 500 years before the Christian era began and the Gauls were from central Europe. So, we see that the ancient wisdom was indeed Aryan.

David Lane

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