Mystery Religions and the Seven Seals "Chapter Three - The Temple"

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No discussion of the Mysteries would be complete without time spent on the symbolism of the Temple. In all the ancient religions the "Temple" was a Hermetic code for perfected man. In modern terms it would not be unfair to liken man to a genetic experiment on the part of the Creator. When Genesis says " let us create men in our image," it refers to the universe and its cosmic mind incarnating in man. Those of you who have taken formal martial arts training know that the body is referred to as the Temple. Masons and students of Masonry know that Solomon's Temple is a major symbolic and ritualistic device. The Temples of ancient religions were onstructed to reflect the sacred numbers and geometry of nature and of the seven stars or seals. That the equation 88² = 7744 is found in the Song of Solomon, and that a major Hermetic device in the King James Bible is Solomon's Temple is not coincidence, for Solomon is an allegory for wisdom through number. Solomon represents the Sun and the 666 Sun Square, inside the zodiac circle and inside the corresponding 12 divisibles of 666. Solomon is the Sun inside the 12 tribes of Israel, which are the 12 signs of the zodiac. Turn to I Kings 10:14 and read that Solomon extracts 666 talents of gold from neighboring kingdoms. In II Chronicles 9:13, this statement is repeated. In Hermetic coding "gold" represents the sun and the Sun Square. By now you should begin to realize that the words of the bible mean virtually nothing unless combined with number and the wisdom of an initiate. The words are filler, not history. Here is how the name Solomon was constructed in English. SOL-OM-ON, Sol is Latin for the Sun, Om is Hindi for the Sun, and On is Egyptian for the Sun. Symmetrically spaced is the only vowel, O, three times, because O is the 15th letter.

15 15 15
1+5= 1+5= 1+5=
6 6 6

In the King James Bible the building of the temple in its coded form is found in the 11th book, because 11 and multitudes of 11(like 33 and 88 ) are part of the coding system. The Temple is begun in I Kings 6 and completed in I Kings 7. Exclusive of Psalms 117 there are 1188 chapters in the bible, 1188 is 33 x 36. Psalm 117 is the shortest chapter and center chapter in the bible, with 33 words symbolizing the 33 degrees of Masonry, the 33 years in the life of Christ, the 33 generations from Adam to David, the 33 vertebrae in the human spine, etc. Count 9 sets of 33 chapters from the beginning and come to the start of the Temple in I Kings 6. Psalm 117 stands as the zero point, count 9 sets of 33 backwards and come to the completion of the Temple in I Kings 7. Solomon or 666 is tied to 1938, or the Temple. Here are the 16 factors or whole number divisibles of 1938.

1 2 3 6 17 19 34 38 51 57 102 114 323 646 969

Note that the center two factors are 38 and 51. 38 x 51 = 1938. Now note I Kings 6, the beginning of the Temple has 38 verses. The completion of the Temple in I Kings 7 has 51 verses. The two verses, I Kings 6:38 and 7:51 have 88 words, representing 88² = 7744 and other 88's placed in the King James Bible, as well as this phenomenon:

Add all the numbers: 1 through 1 = 1
1 through 9 = 45
1 through 3 = 6
1 through 8 = +36

This would be an appropriate place to divert from the Temple for just a moment and comment on the statement, "I am Alpha and Omega," found four times in Revelation. We have commented on John 1:1, "God is the Word." We know the bible is called the "word" and God is "Alpha and Omega," hence, GOD = WORD = ALPHA and OMEGA. A Hermetic philosopher would immediately assume a numerical relationship found 4 times between parts of Genesis or Alpha, and Revelation or Omega. There are 4, but in the interest of brevity, we shall only look at the easiest. Genesis 1:1 the first verse in the bible has 44 letters. Revelation 22:21 the last verse in the bible has 44 letters, for a total of 88. Now let's look at the famous pillars of Solomon's Temple found in I Kings 7:21. First note that the verse has 144 letters. The pillars are named Jachin and Boaz. They are considered important in Masonic symbolism. We will reduce them to gematria, (A=1,B=2, C=3 ,,,).

10 1 3 8 9 14 2 15 1 26

You will note that the exact centers are 38 and 51, while the 38 is bracketed by 19. Then of course 38 x 51 is 1938, 38 and 51 being the center divisibles of 1938 and their product being 1938. The entire bible is in fact based on this number often coded through a device called the "Key of David," found in Isaiah 22:22 and Revelation 3:7. 1938 is the highest canonical number. Look again at the 16 divisibles shown earlier. Add the digits in the 16 divisibles and get 144, which is why 144 is found so often. The 144,000 Saints of Revelation 14 for example are only a way to code 144. Add a total of the 16 divisibles and get 4320, which is the number of degrees in 12 circles and is the reason the St. Mary's chapel at Glastonbury, England was made of twelve circles. 1938 is often shown in sets of three, because a twelve digit number made of three consecutive 1938's or 193819381938 is evenly divisible by every major number around the Sun Square, by their total of 1482, which is, also, the number of words in I Kings 7, the completion of Solomon's Temple, and by 741 which forms the Star of David in the Square of Mars. In conclusion to this chapter and before delving into the esoteric or metaphysical teachings of the Mystery religions, let me sum up what must be understood about the bible, and particularly the King James authorized English version. The real truths are hidden in coding devices. If for example you read that Ezekiel saw four wheels within wheels, note that the Books, Chapters, Verses and Words form code wheels within code wheels. I have shown this in detail in other works. Understand that with the exception of passages pointed to by Hermetic number codes, the WORDS are not the message; they are filler. And understand that the numbering system is designed to ease decoding of the text. The cabalistic research by the Jews is an attempt to discover knowledge known by Aryans from many thousands of years ago until the time of the Reformation, and now partially at least by you.

David Eden Lane

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