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Now we will discuss the Seven Spirits of God, also termed the Seven Seals of Revelation. Every ancient and Mystery religion made constant reference through Hermetic coding to the first seven magic squares. The seven wonders of the ancient world were constructed on geometry taken from these squares. Listed here are the seven wonders, the squares with which they are associated and identified by their planetary association.

The Colossus at Rhodes Square of the Sun Temple of Diana at Ephesus Square of the Moon The Tomb of Mausolas Square of Venus The Great Pyramid Square of Mercury Towers and Gardens of Babylon Square of Mars The Statue of Jupiter at Olympus Square of Jupiter The Lighthouse of Alexandria Square of Saturn.

The reader should be aware that in recent times Jewish cabalists have attempted to substitute the fictional temple of Solomon for the Lighthouse of Alexandria and Saturn. Next we shall begin to examine these ancient mathematical devices on which both ancient religions and the King James Bible were formed. But first, here is another quotation from John Mitchell, author of the New View Over Atlantis. "The chief cosmic intervals and numbers together with the ratios that determine the patterns of life are related to each other through the first seven magic squares. Within the crystalline structure of these figures is stored the universal scheme.

Now that you have seen them, we will shortly begin to decipher, but first let me add some statements of other philosophers about number patterns and the Creator. Then, too, I shall list some verses from the King James Bible which survived the persecution of the Gnostics. From Nicomachus of Gerasa, circa 100 CE we read, "The universe seems to have been determined and ordered in accordance with number, by the forethought and the mind of the Creator of all things; for the pattern was fixed like a preliminary sketch by the domination of number, preexistent in the mind of the world creating God.

From Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids by Peter Tompkins, Harper & Row 1976, we read on page 285, "The Maya came to the mathematical certainty of a cosmic mind." And from The Geometry of Art and Life by M. Ghyka, Sheed & Ward 1946, we read on page 118, "The link between Pythagorean and Medieval Occultism is evident in the following extract from Agrippa's Kabbala. Boetius has said: 'Everything which from the beginning of things was produced by nature seems to be formed according to numerical relations issued from the wisdom of the Creator. Numbers are the nearest and simplest relations with the ideas of divine wisdom. The power of numbers does not reside in their names, nor in the numbers as counting elements but in the numbers of perceiving knowledge, formal and natural. The one who succeeds in linking usual and natural numbers to divine numbers will operate miracles through numbers.' " Next we see a few of the many obscured references to the seven magic squares in the King James Bible.

Zachariah 3:9 Seven eyes upon one stone Zachariah 4:10 Seven eyes of the Lord Proverbs 9:1 Seven pillars of wisdom Revelation 4:5 Seven lamps of fire which are the seven spirits of God Revelation 5:6 Seven horns and seven eyes are the seven spirits of God Revelation 5:1 A book sealed with seven seals Revelation 5:5 And one of the Elders saith unto me, Weep not: Behold the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David, hath prevailed to open the book and to loose the seven seals thereof.

We will begin our exploration of the spirits/seals with the fourth or center of the seven figures called the Sun Square. It is comprised of all the numbers 1 through 36, which when added together in this manner, 1+2+3+4+5 etc., through 36 will total 666. The 36 numbers are arranged in such a way that each column of six numbers add to 111 or 1/6th of 666. The second most visible of the near limitless phenomena that results is that every number becomes part of a square or rectangle of four numbers which total 74. Examples are the four corners (6+1+36+31=74), or a rectangle (7+30+25+12=74) and of course the center four (16+15+22+21=74). In the old religions 74 and 666 were interchangeable as Solar and Sacred numbers. When Sir Francis Bacon and others formed the structure of the King James Bible, added letters to and set in order the letters of the English alphabet and formulated the names associated with Christianity in the English language, it was done in conformity to the ancient and sacred number canon. In Chapter 1 the number 74 is represented in the words Jesus and God. Shortly we shall see that the holy names are designed to both conceal and accomplish far more than just 74.

Do not be dismayed by the connection between the number 666 and the holy names through the Sun Square and the number 74. Instead learn to read the authorized version English language King James Bible with the eyes of an adept in the mysteries. The famous verse, Revelation 13:18 reads in part, "count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six." A Hermetic philosopher would look at that sentence and conclude the following: 1) There are two entities, a man and a beast, both associated with the number 666. 2) Since 666 is stated, there must be something else to count that will in turn relate to 666. 3) Since 666 is one of the seven spirits of God the Creator, and the beast is evil, then the beast must usurp the number of the man.

The philosopher would then read the rest of Revelation and conclude that the beast was a political/economic system, sometimes even symbolized as female, or the Whore of Babylon. Finally, the philosopher would look for something to count as instructed. In this case the number of letters in the verse Revelation 13:18. In the tradition for coding secrets the Hermetic philosopher is trained to do with a number what can be done with it and see if the result seems meaningful. Other things the philosopher will look for as pointers are the oldest, the youngest, the first, the last, the center, deliberate error, the most repeated and anything that creates a phenomenon. In the case of Revelation 13:18 we find it has 125 letters as we count the number of the beast. A three digit number can be scrambled six possible ways. When the six are added together, the result will be a multiple of 111 and thus a multiple of the columns of the 666 Sun Square. The number 125 scrambles into 152, 215, 251, 512 and 521. Add the six together and the result is 1776, the date of the American Revolution, the birth of the beast. Whether the numbers are coincidence, prophecy or a coded plan, I leave to the reader to speculate.Next let us look at a canonical or sacred number as defined by Hermetic Philosophy, and as a function of the magic squares. We will, also, see how such a number relates to the solar system, to the King James Bible and to certain calendars. From the New American Encyclopedia under the heading Calendar, I quote, "about BCE 432, the astronomer Meton discovered that 235 lunar months fitted exactly into 19 years(the Metonic cycle), this becoming the basis of the modern Jewish and ecclesiastical calendars." Please bear in mind that relationship of 19 to the moon and both Jewish and Christian ecclesiastical calendars as we proceed.

In his book on the high wisdom of ancient Egypt, John Anthony West points out that 19 was the sacred number of both Egyptian and Mayan art, science and religion. 19 and 2 x 19 or 38, and 102 x 19 or 1938 are in fact the most sacred or canonical numbers concealed in the King James Bible. In traditional order you will find that Psalms, by far the longest book and containing the most Hermetic messages as in Psalm 119, is the 19th book of the bible. In traditional order, the 19th chapter of the bible is Genesis 19 and has 38 verses, forming 1938. In alphabetical order, the 19th book of the bible is Haggai with 38 verses, forming 1938. Let A=1, B=2, C=3 and so on. Here is the name of Jesus Christ:

10 5 19 21 19 3 8 18 9 19 20

The parable of Methuselah is an excellent way to expose hermetic coding. Methuselah is made to be the oldest man that ever lives. Hermetic coding uses pointers to say, "Look here!" Pointers may be the longest, the shortest, the oldest, the center, the first, the last, deliberate error or whatever causes a phenomenon. Methuselah, being the oldest, becomes a double pointer, for age implies wisdom. An initiate in the mysteries, if seeing the bible for the first time, would note immediately the masses of numbers having nothing to do with moral tenets and know that it was hermetic coding, or what Jews call "cabalism." In Genesis 5 we find that Methuselah lives 187 years and has a son. Then he lives an additional 782 years and he lives 969 total years. Since 969 is exactly half of that canonical number 1938, then naturally by adding the three numbers 187+782+969 we get the major number 1938.

The numbers with a message witness themselves to prove they are not coincidence. The 969 years of Methuselah are divided into two periods, 187 years before his son and 782 after. That is double entendre telling you to divide into. So divide 969 into 187,782. The dividend rounded to the nearest tenth is 193.8. The story continues. In Luke 3 is a complete list of the Patriarchs from Jesus back to Adam. Methuselah is word 969 in the chapter and his name is changed to MATHuselah.

> The last half of the name Methuselah is "Selah," a hitherto mysterious word that appears exactly 74 times in the KJV, as another tie between 1938 and 74. Selah is found predominately in Psalms, the 19th book commonly associated with David. Most importantly, Selah is a signature at the end of Psalm 46. The author of the KJV, Sir Francis Bacon, used as his cipher signature the numbers 666 and 33. That is why you will find 33 words in the center chapter and shortest chapter of the bible, Psalm 117. Now count 666 chapters backward from the end of the bible (Revelation 22). You will find that the 666th chapter from the end is Psalm 46. Count 46 words from the beginning of the psalm and the word is "shake." Exclusive of Bacon's signature word "Selah," you will find that the 46th word from the end of the psalm is "spear." And that is how we are told that Sir Francis Bacon wrote the works falsely attributed to Shakespeare and that he is responsible for the KJV of the bible. Next look at a way one of the patterns of the Creator relates to both the cosmos and the bible. Remember the 19 year Metonic cycle of the moon. Look now at the largest of the squares called the Square of the Moon. It is made up of all the numbers 1 through 81 (or 9²), which add to 3321. They are arranged as are all the squares, so that every column in any direction adds equally. The moon square columns add to 369. All but the center 9 numbers form symmetrical squares or rectangles with common digit configurations of 19 in opposite corners and 38 in all four corners. For ease and brevity, we will look at the four outside corners of 37 opposite 45 and 5 opposite 77. Add the digits, 3+7+4+5=19 and 5+7+7=19. So naturally the sum of the digits is 38.

Other squares, especially Mercury, form the 19-38 configuration in other ways. In fact in the Square of Mercury you will find 19 and 38 contiguous in the sixth vertical column. The geometric configurations and mathematical formulae concealed within the seven spirits/seals are almost infinite, and the King James Bible forms through code wheels and gematria a physical representation of the seven figures. Thus again, there is a Hermetic meaning for John 1:1, God is the Word. A reason for the admonition at the end of Revelation to not add or subtract from this book of prophecy, is because addition and subtraction are mathematical functions. We are told to not alter, not change, not edit, not modify, not switch, not substitute, not transpose or any other such possibilities.

Next let's explain another device used to code the ancient wisdom by the initiates. It is called a Hermetic number pyramid. As a foundation, let us return to an earlier statement. Vocalized letters are vibrations and a word or a group of letters is a vibrational complex. The initiates who created our alphabets and root words of languages had precise knowledge of the effect of a constantly repeated word on the human mind. Thus songs and chants were scientifically created for control through sensory manipulation. But the most careful formulation was given to the names of the Gods. Have you ever pondered why born-again-Christians appear almost in a trance state, particularly as they recite the names Jesus and Jesus Christ? Perhaps there is a reason. According to the Secret Teachings, by Hermetic reduction we can decipher the reflection of the sacred numbers and complimentary vibratory power in a name. Few if any names have been or could be devised as a reflection of the magic Squares as that of Jesus and Jesus Christ.

Let us see how Hermetic reduction and decipherment are accomplished. Remember that Sir Francis Bacon and other initiates formed the modern English alphabet and thousands of root words, including those used in religion and politics by deliberate design and with complete knowledge. For example, in earlier times Jesus was Yashua and God was Yahweh in the older languages. Jesus and Jesus Christ were Hermetic creations, although in some respects they echo older formulations.

A number pyramid is formed by adding contiguous digits until getting a single digit, then placing it above and between the digits of which it is a sum. An easy example is 21. Add 2+1 and place the 3 above and between the original two digits:

2 1

If the digits add to more than one digit, then add twice. Example, 78, 7+8=15, then 1+5=6. So place the 6 above as shown.

7 8

To make a pyramid from a word simply substitute the appropriate number for each letter. Remember, English language gematria is A=1,B=2, C=3, etc. An easy example would be the word "he." H is the 8th letter and E the 5th letter of the alphabet. So, the pyramid of "he" is as shown.
8+5=13 and 1+3=4
8 5

Shown next are the Hermetic pyramids of Jesus and Jesus Christ.

There is of course far more to the number pyramids, especially larger ones, but here are some basics. In the number pyramid of Jesus Christ, note 7 digits and 4 letters on each side of 1938 in the base. Note 7 levels culminating in the 4 digits of 1938. This creates a relationship of 74 to 1938. Beneath the upper 1938 you will see the digits: 6-4-5-7-1. In Revelation you find the phrase four times, I am Alpha and Omega, reduce Omega to single digits and you will find that series 6-4-5-7-1, which creates 1938.

1 9 3 8
6 4 5 7 1
15 13 5 7 1


I have shown more detail of the number structure of the King James Bible in other works, so I will cut this short with two more examples. The 66 books of the bible are code wheels to be counted over and over, as are the chapters, verses, and words. It ties together the numbers 666, 74 and 1938. Count the 66 books 10 times, or 10 x 66=660. Then count to the sixth book. It is Joshua. Joshua has a value of 74.

10 15 19 8 21 1 = 74

So, Joshua represents both 74 and 666 of the Sun Square. Turn to Joshua 19:38. You will find it speaks of 19 cities and nineteen is word 666 in the chapter. The chapter has 51 verses, because 51 is a center divisible of 1938 and 51 x 38 = 1938, as will be explained in the chapter on Solomon's Temple. We shall complete this chapter by showing how the shapes into which nature forms can be given number through Magic Squares, and why the biblical David like other "War Gods" is associated with Mars. As you probably know, every cell of a honeycomb is formed in hexagons, the center of a hexagram or Star of David. Snowflakes form into hexagrams. Many flowers form perfect pentagons. A special number sequence called the Fibonacci Series is found from the spirals of the Galaxies to budding ferns and sunflower seeds. All nature seems to evidence an intelligent Creator through geometry and number. Thus secret societies still refer to God as the grand geometrician/mathematician of the universe.

The great arcanum of magic has always been that numbers and geometry which reflect nature's patterns, and deciphered through the seven spirits of God, will draw the creative powers. Thus occultists use hexagrams and pentagrams, and such geometry is found in both the Israeli flag and the Pentagon, home of the World Zionist police force. Hexagons such as honeycomb, and hexagrams such as the occult figure in the Israeli flag could be given the number 741, because by connecting the digits 741 around the perimeter of a reduced Square of Mars it forms the two triangles of the Star of David, also, called the Seal of Solomon.

First look at the complete seven Squares(shown earlier in chapter 2) and the unreduced Mars Square. Note that the top left number is eleven. The 1+1=2. So we place a 2 in that spot in a reduced Square of Mars, and continue until we complete the 5 by 5 Square. As stated, connecting the perimeter digits of 741 forms the Star. 741 is in fact both the number of David and a major occult phenomenon. Inside the triangles you will find the dates for the American revolution fomented by those who use the star. Top center inside the star is 7 then 4. July is the 7th month, and the 4 represents the 4th day, which is the date of the Declaration of Independence 1776. Inside the star patterns are, top to bottom 741. Bottom to top is 147. Left to right is 543. Right to left is 345. Add the four together and get 1776, the year of the American Revolution. 741+147+543+345=1776 Now go back to the Great Seal(Chapter 1), and notice that the 13 stars above the eagle form the Star of David. Here are the Roman numerals for 1776 as they appear on the base of the pyramid on the Great Seal. They conceal both 741 and 666.

 M    D C   C   L X   X   V I
1000  600  100   60   10    6

Remove the 7th and 4th and 1st numerals and the remainder is 666.

An alert scholar might notice that the Star of David is composed of two triangles formed by 741. Then 2 x 741 = 1482. If you add the 12 divisibles of 666 shown around the Sun Square, you will get 1482. By no accident there are 1482 words in First Kings chapter 7, the completion of Solomon's Temple. Nor is it by accident that the vertical or horizontal patterns inside the star add to 888. 741+147=888. 543+345=888. Remember Jesus the Ogdoad has a value of 888 in Greek, and Jesus is called a "Branch" of David throughout the King James Bible.

David Lane

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