Mystery Religions and the Seven Seals "Chapter Five - The Mysteries"

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While the mystery religions disseminated by initiates throughout the ancient world used different mythologies and/or different names in different languages for the Gods and Goddesses, certain structures appear to have been identical. One device common to all seems to be the 1 + 12, representing the Sun, the Sun God and the Sun Square, inside the zodiac and inside the 12 divisibles of 666. Another is the use of a myriad of names to code and represent the seven magic squares and a common teaching that they reflect the mind of the Creator. The mythologies were used both to represent the powers of the Creator evidenced in nature and personified as the Gods and Goddesses, as well as to instill the folkish attributes considered necessary at a particular era of history. If a nation was threatened, the spirit of Mars or Thor, or King David was needed. If a soothing spirit was advantageous, then Freyja or Balder or Jesus or Buddha was promoted. Cycles of civilizations and cultures were recognized and therefore a single rigid eternal dogma was discouraged. Circumstances of climate, proximity to alien peoples and other factors called for different mythologies as guides in Northern Europe, Asia Minor and Southern Europe.

Every person was free to choose his own station in life and level of intellectual pursuit. The Mysteries were available to all of determination, ability and good character. However, to become an initiate or an adept, sometimes called a priest, was a very, very difficult task. It could take up to 20 years of study, self-denial and meditation before a prospect was considered worthy. Even after so much preparation the novice had to endure an initiation process designed to instill the most extreme terror that could be designed by man. The process was structured to destroy personal ego and thus open the mind to higher enlightenment. To the Adepts or creators of the mythologies, the Supreme God, Creator and originator of all things was distinctly separate from the plural or lesser Gods and Goddesses who served a dual purpose. They both represented the powers of the Creator as evidenced in nature, and served the tribe or race as guides through the words attributed to them by the adepts.

Through a form of philosophic logic, justification was found for a teaching of reincarnation by the Mystery religions. It was for example observed that two children with the same parents and the same up-bringing might exhibit completely different traits. One being reflective, altruistic and above all of mature character, while his sibling was anything from a giddy fool to a criminal. This was attributed to maturity gained from past incarnations and influences of the cosmic mind evidenced through the zodiac. For the uninitiated masses, the named Gods, being designed and created by men for purposes either constructive or destructive, were blended with the Supreme Creator to provide authority. Thus Norse Woden/Odin is blended with All-Father, or a Father/Son relationship was invented for mythology. Endless arguments have and unfortunately will probably continue to be carried on over the ethnicity of the First Christians. History being a fable and the Church having had so many centuries as the only custodian of records, it is futile to debate with words. But an initiate knows the truth through the records preserved in coded devices.

An example is the fish symbol used by the first Christians. It is actually a figure of sacred geometry called Vesica Piscis. It comes from two circles drawn so that the circumference of each crosses the center point of the other.

As in all Hermetic parables and coding it has multiple meanings. It is the "Holy Womb" demonstrating mathematical principles evidenced in nature and therefore showing the mathematical/geometrical mind of the Creator. Probably, also, it represents the buttocks, womb and vagina of a woman as a fertility symbol. Most know that the cross was a pagan symbol long before it was made a symbol of Judeo-Christianity in 325 CE by Constantine and fellow conspirators. The first Christians, regardless of race were in fact a society of truth seekers and initiates into the Mysteries. Given the indicators of history as most decipherable and the accomplishments of the White race today, we can assume they were probably Aryans. However, for nearly 1700 years the church and its Protestant step-children have been Judeo-Xian poison.

Furthermore, a people and particularly the White race cannot share Gods or religions with other races. Among other things it destroys the senses of uniqueness and value necessary to survival. The best religion for our folk today is almost certainly Wotanism. Wotan is the best blended representation of Allfather, the Creative force, and folkish needs for the White race today. Wotan awakens our racial soul and genetic memory. He stirs our blood.

David Lane

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