Mystery Religions and the Seven Seals "Introduction"

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The sixth of the 88 Precepts says, "History, both secular and religious, is a fable, conceived in self-serving deceit and promulgated by those who perceive benefit." After perusing documents from the Vatican library Napoleon said history was a fabrication. Henry Ford commissioned a group of scholars to study the real powers behind governmental and religious institutions, then stated, "History is bunk." Today, American school books are being rewritten to credit the accomplishments of White people to the colored races. It appears that future generations will be taught that Martin Luther King was the central figure in American history, that Oswald assassinated President Kennedy, that David Koresh and the innocent victims of Federal murderers at Waco, Texas were dangerous child molesters, and that the alleged holocaust of six million Jews in World War 2 is the most important event in history. This is only a tiny example of the falsity of history as related in just the twentieth century. The fact is power systems, both secular and religious, have created, altered, invented, slanted, back-dated and propagandized historical and current events for political purposes always. The propaganda of the victors becomes the history of the vanquished. We must remember this maxim when reading establishment versions of past events. Had England won the American Revolutionary War, George Washington would have been hanged for treason and for over 200 years his name would have been reviled in school textbooks. Had the followers of Woden/Odin/Wotan won the 1,000 year war between Roman Judeo-Christianity and the followers of the White man's organic, native religion, Christianity would have been labeled a religion of superstitious ignorance and the White race would not face near certain extinction.

The Catholic encyclopedia says Constantine in 325 CE made Christianity the official religion of the degenerate Roman Empire because he was impressed by Christian morality. Yet secular records show Constantine's judgments of morality by his actions. Few men have been more cruel or engaged in more acts of torture and murder. His character is best exemplified by his treatment of his wife Fausta, whom he married as a political ploy to gain control of the empire. When he had no further use for her he disposed of her in a manner befitting his "commitment to morality." He had her restrained in a large cauldron of water, then lit a fire beneath it and slowly cooked her to death. But even such actions by Constantine are dwarfed as evil by his contribution to the next 1700 years, as we shall see. For it is he who conspired with organized Jewry in the creation of Judeo-Christianity. With the ideas so far elaborated a thoughtful person might ask, "How then can we ascertain truth?" Not the "truth" of blind faith or belief, which are the tools of priestcraft and statecraft, but pure Truth by which men can safely and properly govern their affairs.

This is a question which has plagued mankind from the dawn of recorded history. The following you are about to read will show how initiates into an ancient wisdom preserved true knowledge throughout the many centuries of persecution by tyrants of both church and state. Some have known and saved the ancient science and religious teachings from at least the time of the construction of the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge and possibly far beyond. Among them are Druids, Priests of Egypt, Initiates such as Pythagoras and Plato, the first Christians who were either Gnostics or related adepts, Cathars, Knights Templar, Teutonic Knights, Rosicrucians, early Masonic Orders and unknown initiates into Hermetic philosophy. In the first millennium before the Christian Era, the secret teachings were kept alive in the Mystery Schools and corresponding Mystery religions which were found from Tibet in the East to Uppsala, Sweden in the West. Among the many Mystery religions, all concealing the secret teachings, were Odinism, Mithraism, Zoroasterism and Gnosticism, as well as the Greco Roman religions featuring Gods such as Apollo, Zeus and Jove, or Jupiter. As we shall see, it is a grave error to assume that all our ancestors were ignorant barbarians who took literally the wild tales in the mythologies. As Manly P. Hall says in his monumental work "The Secret Teachings of All Ages", " There are few mature minds in the world, so the philosophical religious structures of the ancients were divided to meet the needs of two fundamental groups of human intellect, one philosophic, the other not capable of appreciating the deeper mysteries of life. To the discerning few were revealed the esoteric teachings while the unqualified masses received only the literal or exoteric interpretations. In order to make simple the great truths and abstract principles of natural law, the vital forces of the universe were personified, becoming the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient mythologies."

Adepts, of course, having created the mythologies, did not believe that a physical Thor caused thunder with a magic hammer, or that a physical Zeus threw lightning bolts from Mount Olympus, or that Isis brought a dismembered Osiris back to life, or that the earth stopped spinning so the Israelites could have extra sunlight in which to slaughter their enemies, or that a physical Jesus raised others or himself from the dead. Undoubtedly, a few of the credulous or simple-minded did indeed take the mythologies literally, just as a few still do today. However, under the Mystery or Pagan religions all were free to pursue deeper knowledge, to "believe" or to ignore both science and religion altogether. This arrangement permitted freedom for the masses and enlightenment for those inclined toward intellectual pursuits. Then came the disaster of 325 CE when decadent Romans led by Constantine conspired with wealthy Jews to force a universal religion on the world. The 58th Precept states: Tyrannies teach what to think. Free men learn how to think." Since the words of political and religious prostitutes of the ages and the propaganda they call history have little relation to fact, we must learn how to think if we are to decipher history with any accuracy at all. When judging the writings one encounters, some philosophical principles should be employed. First judge the words, actions and results of all power systems by "who benefits."

Secondly, the results of men's actions are infinitely more indicative of intent than the words of men. So, always judge by results. It takes no rocket scientist or great mind to ascertain that only someone called Jews can or could benefit from a religion in which Jews are called "God's Chosen People." In effect, someone called Jews hired the decadent Roman Empire to murder everyone in Europe who would not accept a new universal religion in which the Jews were God's Chosen People and destined to own all Gentiles as slaves. In the process the entire White race was forced to profess literal belief in the Judeo-Christian mythologies. The world has been insane ever since. In our search for ultimate truth we must, therefore, ascertain who the people called Jews are, when their conspiracy originated and if they have any relationship to the Hermetic philosophers who created the mythology of ancient Israel.

Fortunately, mankind has always had secret friends who opposed tyrants, past, present and future. They have been called the Watchers, Adepts, Initiates, Hermetic Philosophers, the Great White Brotherhood, the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays and other titles. The titles may be unimportant, but the value of their legacy is beyond measure. They have given us alphabets, languages, measurements, religions, music, art, ritual, books, medicine, science and more. Unrecognized and often within church and state they secretly guided and moderated. When discovered, some like Giordano Bruno were burned at the stake. His crime was teaching that the earth traveled around the sun. Others like Galileo were forced to recant scientific fact. Be it the poison of Hemlock, the headsman's axe, burning at the stake, Federal infernos in Waco, Texas and around the world, the inquisitors rack, imprisonment or any number of other devices throughout history, the tyrant tolerates no competition. In the words of an old Mongolian proverb, "The Truth Teller is wise to keep one foot in the stirrup." In light of many thousands of years of experience with despots, the Hermetic philosophers developed methods to code their wisdom in geometry, myth, ritual, symbol and gematria, and thus leave guideposts for this age. The following will provide a concise introduction to the teachings of the ancients and to the devices by which their wisdom and teachings were preserved down through the ages. Do not be dismayed by repeated reference to number. What little actual arithmetic is employed is simple math and is absolutely necessary. The wisdom of the Hermetic Philosopher includes the reality that while words are subject to interpretation, the relationship of number is constant forever. Presented here is a wisdom which has been known to a few for thousands of years, mercilessly persecuted for 1,700 years, but can yet return the world to sanity. In the language of the Gnostics, the seven seals of Revelation are opened here and the seven spirits of God are discovered.

David Lane

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